2.6 Adding third-party barcodes (Tool Connect™ Site Manager)

2.6 Adding third-party barcodes

Tool Connect™ Site Manager is designed to easily allow you to use barcodes from other asset management systems. Third party barcodes can be used as part of the auditing process and be added to your tools both via spreadsheet import or by using the camera on your mobile device. Third-party barcodes are considered unique within your whole company.

Supported Third Party Barcode Formats:
QRDataMatrixAztecPDF417Code 128
Code 39Code 39 Mod 43Code 93EAN 13EAN 8

On the Web
TThird-party barcodes can be added as part of the import process from another inventory management program. Follow the instructions in 2.1 ADDING TOOLS TO YOUR DEWALT® SITE MANAGER ACCOUNT and make sure you have copied the barcodes into the barcode field of the spreadsheet.

You can also add a third-party barcode by typing it into the barcode field in the tool details. 

In the Mobile App
The Site Manager app makes it easy to associate third party barcodes to tools that are already in your inventory. To begin, tap on the Inventory option along the bottom of the screen. 

Inventory Screen nothing selected

Tap on the three dots on the right-hand side of the tool you wish to add a barcode to then tap ‘Add Barcode’.

Tool detail expanded

The camera of your mobile device will open to scan the barcode.

Scan barcode camera open

When your device recognizes a barcode, it will present you with a screen to confirm the barcode was correct. If it was not, you can tap ‘Retry’ to try again, or you can tap ‘Add’ to finish adding the barcode to your tool.

Barcode detected

You will now notice that your tool has a barcode associated with it, as well as an option to replace the barcode should it be damaged or changed. Replacing the barcode follows the same steps as adding a barcode.

Barcode added to tool in inventory view





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