1.1: Tool Connect™ Site Manager

1.1: Tool Connect Site Manager

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DEWALT® Tool Connect™ Site Manager is specifically designed for the commercial and enterprise customers looking to manage their inventory across all areas of their business.
Site Manager was built from the ground up to support multiple users with segmented permissions and  assignments. 

An Administrator will be able to grant managers permissions to assignments and be kept up-to-date with customizable audits of their inventory. Audits can be performed with a scan of Tool Connect™ tools and tags as well as capturing the picture of the DEWALT® ID (QR Code), third party barcode, or manually for unconnected tools. 

Managers will only have visibility to tools that are added to assignments in which they have permission. Users who wish to control their tools and adjust settings should continue to use the DEWALT® Tool Connect™ application. Site Manager users will see a number of new features across both the Web and Mobile platform.

On the Web

●    Create an Assignment, assign a Manager, and set an Audit period
●    Add Managers or Administrators, grant Managers permissions to Assignments, remove an Administrator or Manager from the account
●    Adjust an Audit period individually per assignment, opt to receive an Audit report via email
●    Add multiple Administrators to the account

In the Mobile App
●    An updated Tool Connect™ pairing and linking workflow for Tool Connect™ Tools, Batteries, Tags, and Connectors
●    Added assignments and inventory auditing
●    Improved searching and filtering capabilities
●    Perform audits of both Tool Connect™ and unconnected tools
●    Add and audit tools by DEWALT® ID (QR Code) and Third-Party Barcodes
●    Set status of tools and manually add unconnected tools

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