3.5: Scanning for Tools (Tool Connect™ Site Manager)

3.5: Scanning for Tools (Tool Connect™ Site Manager)

Scanning for Tool Connect™ enabled tools allows you to use Bluetooth to scan for your Inventory in your immediate area.

On the Web

Scanning for tools is not available through the Tool Connect™ Site Manager website at this time. Please check back regularly, as new features will be released continuously.

In the Mobile App

You can choose to scan for a group of tools by scanning from a Location, or for individual tools from the Inventory section. 

Individual Tools

To scan for an individual tool, first tap on the Inventory option on the bottom of the screen. Then tap on a Tool Connect™ enabled tool and tap scan. Please note that you do not have to press the button on any of the Tool Connect™ Tools or tags for the tool to be detected by Site Manager. 

Scan for a single tool

The app will scan for the tool and, if detected, will display the signal strength to the tool (in dB) and provide visual feedback about how close or far away you are from a given tool.

Tool detected

If the tool is not detected, you will be returned to the Inventory screen.

Multiple Tools

To scan for multiple tools, first tap on the Scan option on the bottom of the screen. 

Choosing Scan

Then tap Select Location to choose the location in which you want to perform a scan, then tap 'Start Scan'. 

Select a location to scan   Location Selected

Site Manager will scan for 20 seconds for any Tool Connect™ devices nearby.

Scanning in action

When the scan is complete you will be prompted with the number of tools seen and the number of tools not seen, any tools that have been seen will be updated to reflect your scan.

Scan Results   Scan results filtered

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