DEWALT® Battery meaning of Suffixes on Kits

For DEWALT, all cordless tool kits and combo kits use a letter sequence to identify what battery comes with the kit followed by a number telling us how many batteries come with it.
An example would be DCF895M2, the “M” tells me it includes the DCB204, the number 2 tells us it has 2 of them.
If this is also followed by a “BT” like in DCF888P2BT it means the battery is Bluetooth enabled.
The exception to this rule is a “B” suffix, like DCB996B. This letter tells us it is a bare tool, meaning tool only, no battery, charger, or kitbox/bag.
Current suffixes are:
B = bare tool
C = DCB201 (1.5 AH)
D = DCB203 (2.0 AH)
L = DCB200 (3.0 AH)
M = DCB204 (4.0 AH)
P = DCB205 (5.0 AH)
R = DC206 (6.0 AH)
T = DCB606 (6.0 @ 20V and 2.0 @ 60V)
X = DCB609 (9.0 @ 20V and 3.0 @ 60V)
Y = DCB612 (12.0 @ 20V and 4.0 @ 60V)


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