Will Bostitch cordless fuel work in other brand name nailers?

Yes, Bostitch fuel cells are compatible with other brand name nailers. In order to drop our fuel cells into other brand name tools, there is cover that must be removed on the Bostitch fuel cell. Instructions are provided with the packaging. Below are specific fuel cell part numbers and the models they will work with. 9B12061R - Framing Fuel Cell Bostitch®: GF28WW Paslode®: 900420 Hitachi®: NR90GR, NR90GC, NR90GC2 Senco®: GT90CH, GT90FRH 9B12062R - Finish Fuel Cell Bostitch®: GFN1564K, GFN1664K, GBT1850K Paslode®: 900600, 902000, 901000 Hitachi®: NT65GS, NT50GS In addition, Bostitch cordless tools are compatible with Paslode® fuel cells.

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