My DustBuster or ScumBuster will not charge. What are some of the possible causes?

If your DustBuster® or ScumBuster® will not charge please check the following:

  1. Is the charge indicator lamp (if equipped) illuminated?
  2. Is the unit properly connected to the charging base or charging cord?
  3. Is the charger properly connected to a working 120v receptacle?  Some receptacles might be controlled by a switch.  Plug a known working device into the receptacle, such as a lamp, to determine if the receptacle is working.
  4. Check the charging cord to make sure it is not damaged and it is correctly attached to the charging base.
  5. Make sure the switch is in the Off or "O" position.
  6. If the charger is working properly it will be warm to the touch.
  7. Make sure you have charged the unit for a minimum of 16 hours pre-November 2014. For newer systems with CEC chargers, please see charging procedures here.

If after checking the items listed above your DustBuster or ScumBuster fails to charge:

  • If you are within the first 30-90 days of purchase return the unit to the place of purchase.  Proof of purchase (dated cash register receipt) may be required.  All returns are subject to your retailers return policy. Please check with your retailer for their specific policy.


  • All DustBusters and ScumBusters have a two year home use warranty. Take or send your unit along with your proof of purchase to the Black & Decker service center in your area.  Please Click Here to locate a service center.

For detailed charging instructions please click here.



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