Why is the part I need shown in the interactive exploded view on DeWALT ServiceNET but not listed in the parts list below?

Generally, a part may be displayed in an exploded view but not shown in the parts list below for one of two reasons. First, a part might be shown in the exploded view but not in the parts list because it is an accessory item. Unfortunately, accessory items are not yet available for purchase on DeWALT ServiceNET. However, such items can be ordered via telephone at 1-888-678-7278 from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday and/or through your nearest DeWALT Service Center, which you can locate here.

Secondly, a part number might not be displayed in the parts list if the part is no longer available for purchase. Once a product has been discontinued, replacement parts are typically only manufactured for an additional five years. After the stock of parts has been depleted and there is not sufficient demand for a particular part, the inventory of that part is no longer stocked and that part number is no longer listed on DeWALT ServiceNET.

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