What is the decibel rating of the DC500 2 Gallon Corded or Cordless Wet/Dry Vac?

The DC500 has a decibel rating of 77.5db.

Note : The sum of the emission value and the uncertainty is the limit below which there is a 95% confidence that the value of a single machine will perform when the tool is new.

These declared values were obtained by laboratory type testing in compliance with the stated standard and are not adequate for use in risk assessments. Values measured in individual work places may be higher than the declared values. The actual exposure values and risk of harm experienced by an individual user are unique and depend upon the way the user works, the workpiece / accessory interaction and the workstation design, as well as upon the exposure time and the physical condition of the user. 

We, (Black&Decker Corp.), cannot be held liable for the consequences of using the declared values, instead of values reflecting the actual exposure, in an individual risk assessment in a work place situation over which we have no control.

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