How to calculate the flat rate for entering into the monitor?

First, check you power company's web site for an explanation of your bill, or call their support number. If you are still confused, use this technique to approximate your billing rate.

1.    From your latest bill, find the total electricity consumption. This number will be labeled in kWh, or kilowatt-hours.

2.    From your latest bill, find the total cost for electricity, including any fees and taxes that are broken down to a per kWh cost. Any flat fees listed on your bill can not be included in this calculation. Make sure you have not added in costs for gas, water, or any other municipal services.

3.    Divide the total cost in dollars by the total consumption in kWh, for a flat billing rate in $/kWh.

4.    Multiply that number by 100 to get a flat billing rate in cents/kWh.

5.    Follow the instruction manual to enter that rate as a flat billing rate.

This approximation will give you a good idea of relative costs as you learn to be more efficient with your energy use.

For Example, if your bill was $201.36 and your electicity consumption in kWh was 1435 kWh, you would calculate your rate as follows:

1. Electricity consumption = 1435

2. Electricty cost including taxes and fees - any flat monthly charges (i.e. charges not calculated on a per kWh basis) = $201.36 - $7.50 - $0.37 = $193.49

3. Divide $193.49/1435 = .1348

4. Multiply .1348 x 100 = 13.48 cents per kWh (this is the rate you would enter as your flat billing rate)

Please see page 10 of the attached PDF to see how the above example numbers were obtained.

   Attachment: EM100B.pdf

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