Is there an (M)SDS available for Lithium Ion Batteries?

Please see the attached document for the MSDS on our lithium ion batteries.

Black & Decker VPX0111 (7 Volt)
Black & Decker BL1110, BL1310, BL1510 (10.8 Volt)
Black and Decker LB12, LBX12, LBXR12 (12 Volt Max)
Black & Decker A1114L, A1514L, BL1114, BL1314, BL1514 (14.4 Volt)
Black & Decker LB16, LBX16, LBXR16 (16 Volt Max)
Black & Decker A1518L, A1118L, LB018, BL1118, BL1318, BL1518 (18 Volt)
Black & Decker LB20, LBX20, LBXR20, LBXR2020, LB2X4020 (20 Volt Max)
Black & Decker BL1336, BL1536, BL2036 (36 Volt)
Black & Decker LBX36, LBXR36, LBXR2040 (40 Volt Max)
Bostitch 9B12070R (3.6 Volt)
Bostitch 9R201436, 9R201498, 9R209111, 9R209775 (12/10.8 Volt)
Bostitch B-CB182-EU (18 Volt)
DEWALT DCB080 (8 Volt)
DEWALT DCB121, DCB123, DCB125, DCB127 (10.8 Volt)
DEWALT DCB120, DCB127 (12 Volt Max)
DEWALT DC9140, DE9140, DE9141, DC9144, DCB140, DCB141, DCB142, DCB143,
DCB144, DCB145 (14.4 Volt)
DEWALT DC9180, DE9180, DC9181, DC9182, DE9181, DCB180, DCB181, DCB182,
DCB183, DCB184, DCB185 (18 Volt)
DEWALT DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB207 (20 Volt Max)
DEWALT DC9280, DE9280 (28 Volt)
DEWALT DC9360, DE9360, DCB361 (36 Volt)
DuBuis AB18LI300, AB18LI150 (18 Volt)
Facom CL3.BA1018, CL3.BA1015, CL3.BA1020 (10.8 Volt)
Facom CL3.BA1815, CL3.BA1830, CL3.BA1820, CL3.BA1840, CL3.BA1850 (18 Volt)
MAC Tools MB120, MB127 (12 Volt Max)
MAC Tools MB200, MB201, MB203, MB204, MB205 (20 Volt Max)
MAC Tools MB120-UK, MB127-UK (10.8V)
MAC Tools MB200-UK, MB201-UK, MB203-UK, MB204-UK, MB205-UK (18 Volt)
POP EBC180, EBC181, EBC182, EBC183 (18 Volt)
Porter-Cable PC12BL, PC12BLX, PC12BLXLW (12 Volt)
Porter-Cable PC18BL, PC18BLX, PC18BLEX (18 Volt)
Porter-Cable PCC680L, PCC681L, PCC685L, PCC682L (20 Volt Max)
Sidchrome SCMT90050, SCMT90053 (10.8 Volt)
Sidchrome SCMT90051, SCMT90052, SCMT90054, SCMT90055, SCMT90056 (18 Volt)
Stanley FatMax FMC085L (10.8 Volt)
Stanley FatMax FMC080L (12 Volt Max)
Stanley FatMax FMC585L (14.4 Volt Max)
Stanley FatMax FMC680L, FMC685L, FMC686L, FMC687L, FMC688L (18/20 Volt)

   Attachment: 2018 Lithium SDS up to 100 Wh.pdf

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