Is it possible to interchange my 12, 14.4, 18 or 24 volt Firestorm or Black and Decker battery with any other Black & Decker product?

Yes, batteries of the same voltage can be used for both power tools and outdoor products without any harm to the tools as long as they are either the slide pack or stem style battery.  However, batteries purchased with power tools will not last as long in a outdoor products as those received with the purchase of an outdoor product, as the batteries are product-specific.

Below is a list of some battery types specific to either the stem or slide style battery, but not all inclusive.

12 volt
PS130 - stem
FSB12 or HPB12 - slide

14.4 volt
FSB14 or HPB14 -slide

18 volt
PS145 - stem
FSB18 or HPB18 (or HPB18-OPE)  -slide

24 Volt-
HPPNB24 slide (service part 

For example, the HPB18 slide battery in the CD18SRK 18 volt Drill also can be used in the NST2018 String Trimmer and the NS118 Cordless Hard Surface Sweeper, as well as the HPD1802 Drill and the BDPHS1800 Navigator Saw.

To check on a specific one, please contact us at 1-800-544-6986.

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