What is the difference between the old DEWALT heated jacket adapter DCB091 and the new DCB092?

We developed a revision to the older DCB091 which addressed the #1 customer issue by adding a latch.  The new model is a DCB092- functionality is largely the same as the old DCB091 with the following exceptions:

  1. In adding the battery latch, we lost 12V Max battery compatibility.  The DCB092 only works with DEWALT 20V Max batteries.
  2. We removed the state of charge indicator because the most of our packs have them built in.  This allowed us to reduce the height of the adapter slightly.
  3. One of the two USB ports was removed because users do not typically charge multiple devices while wearing the jacket. 
For more information on the adapter, where or how to purchase, or questions about the DEWALT heated jackets, reach out to our team at 877 723 4267