Can I get step-by-step instructions for installation of DEWALT® Jobsite WiFi system?

Before getting started, you will need:

  • DEWALT WiFi Access Point(s)

  • Ethernet cable - not included

  • IP67 Ethernet weather seal (included)

  • Carabiner or similar bracket (optional)

  • DEWALT WiFi app (available for Android 4.4 or greater and iOS 10 or greater)

  • Active Internet connection

Minimum Requirements

  • Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or iOS 10 or greater

Download the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi app to your mobile device - Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the DEWALT WiFi App and create a DEWALT WiFi account.

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Plug in the first Access Point - Power up your first access point with the included 120V AC power cable and connect the access point to the modem or local area network (Ethernet cable not included). Ensure you install the Ethernet weather seals.
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Configure your Access Points - Open the DEWALT WiFi app, tap the (+) in the bottom right hand corner to register your first DEWALT WiFi Access Point, and set up your WiFi network by creating a network name and password.
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Expand your network! - Tap the (+) icon in the bottom right hand corner to register and/or add more units to your WiFi network.
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Now that you have created your DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system, here are some things to consider:

  1. All DEWALT Jobsite WiFi Access Points are the same. Any access point can be the first unit(Origin) that shares internet with all the others. Just pick one and plug in your Ethernet cable!
  2. Placement - For our recommendations on best practices please see Where Do I Place My Access Point

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