What does the LED light on the DEWALT® Jobsite WiFi Access Point mean?

The LED on your Access Point can flash a variety of colors and patterns depending on its status. Here is a guide to the LED behavior:

Solid Green: Access Point is meshed with other Access Points

Solid Blue: Access Point is configured, but not meshing with other Access Points 

Blinking Green (constant): Access Point is meshed but has poor connection to other Access Points (can also occur when there is very network high traffic, for instance when running a speed test)

Blinking Green/Yellow pattern: When the Access Point encounters an issue it will display a pattern of green/yellow flashing lights.

Error code 521 is expressed as a sequence of green/yellow lights: 5 blinks, 2 blinks, 1 blink, and repeat. 
Error code 521 is there to alert you that there is interference on the 5 Ghz channel. 5 Ghz performance will be impacted until this is addressed. Changing channels to a different 5 Ghz channel can resolve this issue.

Blinking Red: Hardware fault detected. Contact DEWALT Customer Support 

Blinking White/Light Blue: The Access Point is powering up. This will take up to three minutes.


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