When should I connect more than one Access Point into my Local Area Network (LAN)?

While there is virtually no limit to the number of Access Points or devices you can have on the network, you might notice your internet traffic (throughput) slows down when a large number of users is consuming data at the same time. Note - the exact number of users can vary based on the network size, network quality, incoming bandwidth, and more.


If you find that your throughput is slowing down, you can connect a second DEWALT Jobsite WiFi Access Point to an internet service provider (ISP) using an Ethernet cable and weather seal. The DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system has the ability to load-balance network traffic across multiple internet connections. This second connection can be a branch of the same network as your first Access Point or an entirely separate system (e.g., one unit is connected to a cable modem while the other is connected to a DSL modem). The DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system will automatically balance and distribute your unit’s traffic to identify the optimum route for your data - in real time.

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