Where do I install my DEWALT Jobsite WiFi Access Points?

Installation locations for DEWALT Jobsite WiFi System Access Points can vary from site to site. 

Refer to the Quick Start Guide & Jobsite WiFi Deployment Guide before installing your Access Points. These guides will help you use best practices for placement and deployment.

Some the things to consider are:


  • Where does Internet come to the property? The first access point will need to be connected to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • How will the building change over time? The typical range for an access point is 200 ft. (line of sight). Units Access points may need to be repositioned as construction progresses.
  • Where your team needs WiFi access the most? Consider focusing more access points in locations where staff need access to the most reliable connectivity.
A variety of factors can lead to WiFi access interference, including concrete beams, heavy window glazing, and large metal objects (e.g., scaffolding). To provide maximum coverage for your property, we recommend the following tips for mounting your DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system:

  1. Ensure all access points are within 200’ or one per every floor
  2. Mount access points from the ceiling using an anchor or carabiner at least 10’ from large obstructions
  3. Install at least two WiFi system access points within 200’ of the first access point
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